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Balers Application Guide

Balers Use & Reference Guide

Balers & Recycling for Newbies
Cardboard Balers 

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Recycling with Small Grinders, Shredders & Granulators

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Useful Waste Related Info
Waste & Recycling Equipment Material Bale Weights
         PET (Plastic Bottles)
         Plastic Film (Stretch Wrap, Shrink Wrap)
         Aluminum Cans
         Steel Cans
         Clothes - Textiles
         HDPE (jugs and detergent containers)
         Carpet and Carpet Salvage
         Food Cans
         Fluorescent Bulbs
         Bulb Handling and Bulb Crushers

Trash / Waste / Recyclables Profiles by Industry
Typical Material Weights
Waste Generated by Induustry / Building Type (in Pounds)
Waste Generated by Induustry / Building Type (in Cubic Yards)
Waste Recycling State Resources



Priority Pricing and Guidance by Waste Recycling Category

Salvage Care
Recyclables Processing
Waste Disposal & Hauling
Waste Audits & Assessments
Recycling Business Start-Up Services
Waste Cost Reduction and Containment
Waste Recycling Consulting

Waste Monetization
Waste & Recycling Equipment Financing - Leases & Rentals

Waste Recycling Services

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Other Guides and Articles

             Cardboard Recycling
                           Cardboard Recycling Tips
                           Aluminum Can Recycling
                           Aluminum Recycling Process
                           Plastic PET Recycling
                           Plastic HDPE Recycling
                           Plastic Recycling
                           Mixed Paper Recycling
                           Paper Recycling
                           Carpet Recycling
                           Recycling Fluorescent Bulbs - Fluorescent Lamps
                           Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamps Recycling  
                           Recycling Electronics
                           Glass Recycling
                           Cell Phone Recycling
                           Carpet Recycling Basics       
                           Food Waste Disposal and Handling
                           Industrial Materials Recycling
  Plastic Bottle Recycling Small Business and Home
                           Green Building Guidelines  -  Before, During and After Construction

                           Processing Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamps
                           Fluorescent Bulbs / Lamps - Tips
                           Disposal, Handling and Recycling of Various Materials

 Waste MonetizationSM
 Waste Recycling - 10 Easy Steps for Getting Started
                           Waste Recycling Start-Up Considerations (40 Point Checklist)
                           Steps for Waste AssessmentsCardboard Recycling
                           Waste Assessment Basics
                           Cardboard Balers - Purchase, Lease or Rent

                           Cardboard Compactors - Some Basic Considerations
                           Commercial Trash Compactors - Common Sense
                           Compactors  - Some Hidden Benefits
                           Industrial Trash Compactors  - Basic Criteria for Implementation
                           Mini Balers - For Smaller Recycling Requirements
                           Trash Compactors - Not Glamorous But Very Useful
                           Using a Baler for Recycling
                           Vertical Belers -Recycling Power
                           Waste Compactors - Reduce the Trash Burden
                           Balers for Plastics
                           Self Contained Compactors

                           Choosing a Waste Hauler

Composting Basics
                           Applicance Recycling
                           Automobile Recycling
                           Battery Recycling
                           Beverage Industry Waste Management
                           Buying Recycled Products
                           Recycling Cell Phones
                           Construction Debris and Demolition Materials Recycling
                           Construction Waste Regulations - General Info
                           Convenstion Center Recycling
                           Disaster Debris Recycling
                           Easy Recycling Ideas
                           Electronics Recycling
                           Foundry Sand Waste
                           Glass Recycling Basics
                           Handling Electronic Waste
                           Hazardous Materials in the Workplace
                           Hi-Rise Building Waste Recycling
                           Lead Waste Recycling
                           Mattress Recycling
                           Municipal Solid Waste Information
                           Office Reuse Recycle Idea
                           Office Supply Recycling Miscs
                           Packaging Waste
                           Paint Recycling
                           Paper Recycling - Basics
                           Parks Events Recycling
                           Recycled Insulation Material
                           Recycling Antifreeze
                           Recycling at Photo Processors
                           Recycling at Shopping Centers
                           Recycling tips for Auto Shops
                           Recycling tips for Business Owners
                           Recycling Waste Material
                           Resource Waste Management
                           Selecting an Electronics Recycler
                           Solid Waste Safety Tips
                           Stadium Waste Recycling
                           Starting a Recycling Program - Basics
                           Steel Recycling
                           Tire Waste Recycling
                           Used Oil Recycling
                           Wood Waste Recycling
                           Workplace Waste Reduction  

Industry Applications

Airport Recycling
Aimusement and Theme Parks
Convenience Stores
Distribution Centers and Warehouses
Education (Schools, Colleges, Universities)
Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals and Medical Centers
High Rise Residential Buildings, Multi-Family Housing, Apartments and Condos
Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Motels)
Manufacturing and General Industrial & Commercial
Nursing Homes
Offices and Office Complexes
Restaurants - Quick Service / Fast Food
Restaurants - Family / Fine Dining
Retail / Department Stores
Ships and Cruise Lines
Shopping Centers and Malls
Transportation (Airports, Road and Ships / Marine)

More on HealthCare and Medical Facilities
More on Schools, Colleges & Universisites
More on Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality
More on Manufacturing Facilities

More on Nursing Homes
More on Restaurants
More on Shopping Centers and Malls

Products & Services


About Compactors
Trash Compactors Applications Guide
Compactors Use and Reference Guide
Compactors and Waste Equipment for Newbies
Trash Compactors - Purchase Considerations & Tips
Indoor Compactors - Reference Guide
Outdoor Compactors - Reference Guide

Compactor BestSellers
Trash Compactors - Portable - Stainless Steel
Compactor Cart Combo - Portable with Built-In Cart
Hi-Rise Trash Compactors
Bin Compactors

Container Ready Compactors - Portable
Compacting Dumpsters
Vertical Outdoor Compactors
Pre-Crushers Compactors
Thru-The-Wall Compactors
Hopper Compactors

Stationary Compactors
Self Contained Compactors
Smart-Pack - Public Area / Dining Room Compactors
Bulb Crushers / Lamp Compactors
Manual Compactors
Other Crushers & Compactors


Vertical Balers

About Balers
Balers Application Guide
Balers Use and Reference Guide
Balers and Recycling for Newbies
Baler - Purchase Considerations & Tips

Baler BestSellers
Mini Balers
PeeWee Textile Clothing Baler
21" Vertical Balers

24" Vertical Balers

27" Vertical Balers
30" Vertical Balers
36" Vertical Balers
42" Vertical Balers
48" Vertical Balers
60" Vertical Balers
72" Vertical Balers
84" Vertical Balers
Super High Volume Industrial Baler System

Vertical Balers - General Listing

Bottle Can Balers with Liquid Extractor

Vertical Baler VBCB-1000
Horizontal Baler HBCB-2000

Multi-Chamber Bottle Can Crusher


Horizontal Balers

Closed End Horizontal Balers - 20 Models to Choose From
Open End Horizontal Balers - 18 Models to Choose From
Full Eject Horizontal Balers  - 3 Models to Choose From
Specialty Horizontal Balers -  3 Models to Choose From
Horizontal Balers - General Listing


Automated Balers

Super High Volume Baler-Automated Rear Chute / Conveyor
60" Automated Baling System with Rear Chute
60" Automated Baling System with Conveyor

Shredders & Grinders

About Industrial Shredders & Grinders

Category 1 Shredders and Grinders
           Small Granulators
           Small Plastic Grinders

Category 2 Shredders and Grinders
           Small Scrap Shredders & Grinders
 Scrap Shredders & Grinders
           Large Scrap Shredders & Grinders
      Dump Feed Shredders

Category 3 Shredders
           Two Shaft
           Primary Reduction Two Shaft Shredders
Category 4 Shredders

          4 Shaft Shredders
Specialty Shredders and Grinders
          Bottle Grinder with Liquid Handling
          Document Shredder Compactor

Specialty Products

Bottle Can Balers with Liquid Extractor: Vertical or Horizontal
Multi-Chamber Bottle Can Crusher
Smart-Pack Automatic Compacting Receptacle
PeeWee Textile Clothing Baler
Plastic Wrap Mini-Baler
60" Foam Balers, Film Balers, Fiber Balers
60" Shrink Wrap Baler
60" Styrofoam Baler
60" Mega Baler
60" Textile Baler with Chute & Conveyor
60" Food Can Baler
Baler for Plastic Jugs
Glass Bottle Crusher
Pail & Filter Crusher
Bulb Crushers / Lamp Compactors
Tire Shredders, Grinders & Tire Recycling Systems

Other Products

Waste Equipment

     Light Commercial & Home

      Manual Trash Compactor 
      Commercial Manual Waste Compactor 

Recycling Equipment

        Glass Bottle Crusher
        Glass to Cullet Crusher
        Glass to Sand Crusher


Recycling Containers


        Many Models to Choose from

LiftCarts - Handtrucks

          Many Models to Choose from

Useful Resources

Articles - Waste & Recycling

Useful Waste & Recycling Related Information, Links & Resouces

Local Help

Local Waste Recycling  

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