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Waste Monetization Alternatives - Resources for Organizing, Controlling, Saving, Diverting and Capitalizing on Waste.

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Our Mission Statement:  WasteCare Corporation is focused on Waste Monetization Alternatives that provide the greatest results with the least amount of business resources and disruption, specific to each organization's circumstances.  

We want to help organizations realize the best ways to maximize cost savings and revenue opportunities from their waste, and whether we are able to meet your needs or point you in another direction, our approach is to try to help you maximize results.

WasteCare provides solutions for many industries and market segments such as Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Airports, Amusement Parks, Corporate Campuses, Schools & Universities, Malls & Shopping Centers, Recycling Facilities, Fast Food, Casinos, Manufacturing Facilities, and many more.  

Surviving in an increasingly competitive business world means keeping pace with new Waste Monetization approaches, while also pinpointing and capitalizing on cost-reduction and revenue production opportunities that are synergistic with overall corporate objectives.

One of the most neglected areas of business operations involves the means and methods that are utilized for managing waste processing and waste disposal. Typically, streamlining efforts are greatly dependent upon (and evolve in conjunction with) technology or work-flow innovations. As a result, businesses have placed most of their streamlining emphasis in the areas of production, accounting, sales forces and other such areas where software technology and equipment automation have made it more appealing and 'glamorous'.

WASTECARE CORPORATION wants to help businesses streamline waste processing and waste disposal operations. In conjunction with these efforts there are many products and services that can be instrumental in getting results, including trash compactors, balers, recycling equipment, waste equipment and other waste related equipment, products and services. Waste processing and waste disposal is an area where huge, long term cost reductions can be derived with a few simple approaches. And, due to the degree of neglect and overall mismanagement in this area of business operations, paybacks can be surprisingly quick.

WASTECARE CORPORATION recognizes that the needs and requirements of each market segment, customer, procurement process and/or transaction are unique. Therefore, while balancing our focus (consistent with the customers priorities and circumstances) our objectives also involve an attention to detail and follow-through of each specific work scope or order so as to reduce our customers overall cost of acquisition and implementation of the products and/or services requested, not to mention the added benefits of a hassle-free experience.

WASTECARE CORPORATION is focused on researching and implementing result oriented approaches that provide significant streamlining benefits, cost reductions and revenue production in conjunction with quick paybacks.

In the years ahead, increasing competition, labor concerns and growing resistance to price increases will require organizations to manage their business with greater efficiency. Organizations that do not take advantage of Waste Monetization Alternatives will be at a major disadvantage.

WASTECARE CORPORATION is ready to assist with your Waste Monetization Alternatives. .

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