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Waste Monetization Alternatives - Resources, Equipment, Products & Services for Organizing, Saving, Diverting and Capitalizing on Waste

WasteCare is focused on helping commercial customers find the right paths, strategies and alternatives for maximizing their Waste Monetization efforts.  The steps and sequence of activities is different for each entity depending upon many factors that are specific to each organization. Tools and methods that help customers gain perspective (as it relates to their specific circumstances) as well as the right paths and timing for implementation are what drives us the most. 

For over 20 years WasteCare has offered one of the largest and broadest selections of Balers, Compactors, Crushers, Shredders, Grinders, Recycling Equipment, Waste Equipment and related products and services.   Over time we realized the need for helping customers gain perspective and  have a solid foundation for decision-making so that they would be in a better position to make the right choices at the right time (based on their own specific circumstances). WasteCare Corporation has embraced a mission statement that has resulted in a clear and solid history of excellent customer satisfaction for businesses throughout every industry, from the largest corporations in the world to the smallest. In addition, we have pioneered new product innovations on a worldwide basis and have continued to provide specialty and custom solutions.

In short, our focus is on helping customers realize the best ways to maximize cost savings and revenue opportunities from their waste and circumstances, and doing so with the least amount of resources and disruption.  Whether we are able to meet your needs or point you in another direction, our approach is to try to help you maximize results.

WasteCare  Corporation coined the phrase 'Waste Monetization'SM as a means of emphasizing that efficient Waste & Recycling Management should be based on strategies, processes, incentives and dis-incentives that are not only good for the environment, but also good for the bottom line..... with implemention that is conducted in methodical steps that are synergistic (and  never disruptive) to core operations. 

When you do business with WasteCare you will find that we are much more interested in helping you discover paths and strategies that will benefit your company (and situation) the most, versus just making sales. Test Us on this !



(Flat Monthly rate with everything included; Shipping, Offload, Set-Up, Service / Maintenance) 


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Airports  -  Amusement Parks / Theme Parks  -  Casinos Communications  -  Convenience Stores

Distribution Centers   -   Education  -  Grocery Stores  & Supermarkets  -  HealthCare  -  High Rise Buildings

Hospitality   -   Manufacturing   -  Nursing Homes    Office Complexes    -    Restaurants

Retail & Department Stores   -  Shopping Centers & Malls    -   Ships    -   Transportation




Trash Compactors & Waste Equipment for Newbies Balers & Recycling for Newbies
About Trash Compactors
The Basics about Trash Compactors & Waste Equipment

About Balers for Recycling
The Basics about Waste Recycling Balers

Compactors Use & Reference Guide
Types of Trash Compactors & Typical Use

Balers Use & Reference Guide
Types of Balers & Typical Use

Trash Compactor - Buyer Considerations
Basic Considerations before Buying a Trash Compactor

Baler - Buyer Considerations
Basic buying considerations for a Baler 

Compactor BestSellers
Compactors that are in demand and easy to implement

Baler BestSellers
Balers currently in the most demand

Trash Compactors - Portable, On Casters
Compactors (without liftcart) - Restaurants, Utility areas

Mini Balers
Mini Balers Specs Comparison

Compactor Cart Combo - Portable
Compactors with Built-In Cart - Helps safety & space

24" Balers
24" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison

Porta-Packers - Container Ready
Compact trash in your onsite Trash Bins, Boxes & Drums

28" Balers
28" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison 

Bin Compactors - Portable
Compactors that are Forklift Portable - Plug In and Use

30" Balers
30" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison 

High Rise Apartment Compactors
Compactors for low to high volume applications

36" Balers
36" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison

Compacting Dumpsters
Tipped Onsite by Hauler - Miniature Self Contained Compactors

42" Balers
42" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison 

Vertical Outdoor Compactors
Detachable containers can be wheeled to tipping area

48" Balers
48" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison

Hopper Compactors - Indoor & Outdoor
Easy to Feed - Hoppers can be customized to specific needs

60" Balers
60" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison

Industrial Stationary Compactors
Compactors for large volume and tougher materials, bulk etc

72" Balers
72" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison

Commercial Stationary Compactors
Compactors mainly for dry waste (cardboard, paper etc)

84" Balers
84" Vertical Balers Specs Comparison 

Self Contained Compactors
Compactors mainly for handling wet waste & odor control

Automated Vertical Balers
Vertical Balers with Conveyors

Public Area Compactors
Compactors for fast food, dining areas, food courts etc

Automated Baler Systems
                           Horizontal Balers

Manual Compactors
Compactors for Light Commercial and Home applications

Vertical Balers  - Specs Listing
Vertical Balers Listing from 24" to 84"

Other Crushers & Compactors
Compactors and Crushers for Pails and Filters

Horizontal Balers - Specs Listing
Closed End
   -  Open End  -  Full Eject

All Purpose Shredders & Grinders for tires, metals, wood, hard drives, plastics, e-scrap, glass, rubber, asphalt, paper, prototype & data destruction and more... .that can be individually tailored according to the specific budget, space, volume and particle size requirements.

Most Popular Specialty Waste & Recycling Equipment

Other Waste & Recycling Equipment & Services

Foam Balers / Carpet Salvage / Film & Fiber Balers - Vertical or Horizontal

Shredders / Grinders>
About Shredders & Grinders
Plastic Wrap / Shrink Wrap Balers   Small Shredders & Grinders 
Styrofoam Balers   Low Volume Shredders & Grinders
Core Tube Balers   Medium Capacity Shredders & Grinders
Radiator & Scrap Metal Balers    
Food Can Balers    
Bottle Can Balers - Vertical or Horizontal
Glass Crushers>
Glass Bottle Crusher
Mini-Baler for Plastic Wrap, Cans, Cardboard & More
Light Commercial  >
Manual Trash Compactor
Small Baler for Plastic Jugs &  Bottles


Pail & Filter Crusher
Textile Baler with Chute & Conveyor
Containers >
For Recycling,  Stationary Compactors etc
Bin Compactors for Plastics    
Bulb Crushers / Lamp Compactors
Services >
Help with Recycling
Public Area Compactors / Automatic Compacting Receptacles   Help with Waste Disposal
Explosion Proof Compactors   Waste Analysis, Audits, Assessments
High Rise / Apartment Trash Chute Compactors   Equipment Rentals    
PeeWee™ Class of Waste & Recycling Equipment   Salvage Care   
PeeWee™ Textile & Clothing Baler    Waste Recycling Services 

Popular Products > Cardboard Balers & Compactors - Standard Cardboard Balers & High Density Cardboard Balers

Used Waste Equipment & Recycling Equipment > We process a large variety of used waste and recycling equipment including horizontal balers, vertical balers, compactors, crushers, shredders, grinders, conveyors, sorting systems, densifiers, dust collection and lots of other  waste and recycling related equipment.  Call or Email us with your needs.

Waste Compactors  | Cardboard Balers  |  Indoor Compactors  |  Specialty Balers  |  Commercial Compactors   |  Portable Compactors  |  Outdoor Compactors  |  Compactor Cart Combo

Vertical Balers | Horizontal Balers | Stainless Steel Compactors  |  Automatic Baler (Optional Conveyors)   |  Specialty Compactors  | High Density Balers | Industrial Balers | Plastic Balers  

Waste Monetization Alternatives - Resources for Organizing, Controlling, Saving, Diverting and Capitalizing on Waste, including Commercial and Industrial Trash Compactors, Recycling Balers, Shredders, Grinders, Crushers, Densifiers and more

WasteCare Corporation wants to help you pinpoint the right Waste Monetizations Alternatives for your organization based on your specific circumstances.  Whether we are able to meet your needs or point you in another direction, our approach is to try to help you maximize results with the least amount of costs and disruption to your business. In conjunction with this focus, we offer a huge selection of Industrial Trash Compactors, Balers, Recycling Equipment, Waste Equipment, Waste Disposal Equipment, Crushers, Shredders, Grinders, Densifiers and other Waste Management Related Products, Equipment and Services.  WasteCare has provided waste solutions for some of the largest and most demanding organizations worldwide, spanning many industries and market segments. This includes the HealthCare Industry (Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Nursing & Retirement Homes etc) Restaurants, Airports, Amusement Parks, Corporate Campuses, Schools & Universities, Malls & Shopping Centers, Recycling Facilities, Fast Food, Casinos, Office Complexes, Manufacturing Facilities, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, and others. 

Featured Products:

Featured Compactors: Compacting Dumpsters ( Front Load or Rear Load) and Thru the Wall Compactors 


Compactor Dumpster                                          Thru-the-Wall-Compactor-Drivers-Light                  

Highlights of the Compacting Dumpster:

  • Tipped by haulers just like a regular dumpster
  • Holds roughly 25 - 40 cubic yards of compacted waste
  • Easy to feed -  Low  Feed Height or Thru-the-Wall (inside to outside)
  • Safe & Simple to Operate (UL Listed Controls)
  • Keylock Controls & Safety Interlock system
  • Can accept wet or dry waste
  • Compaction / Reduction ratio of about 5 to 1
  • And More.....


PeeWee Textile Baler for small compact bales of clothes & textiles - Also handles Cardboard & Plastic Wrap 


PeeWee Textile Baler

  Highlights of the PeeWee Textile Baler:

  Automatic Ejection System - no need to go behind the machine

  •   Very easy to Operate
  •   Only 20 square feet footprint
  •   Low Noise Level
  •   Modem System that allows for remote diagnositcs
  •   Very low ceiling requirements
  •   UL & CUL Approved Control Panel - Meets / exceeds ANSI & OSHA Standards
  •   Up to 90 - 230  pound bale weight of textiles and clothing
  •   And More.....


Featured Balers : 60" & 72" Economy Cardboard & Shrink Wrap Balers 


Economy Cardboard Baler

  Highlights of the Economy Cardboard Balers:

  Available in either either 60" or 72"

  •   6" Cylinder
  •   Over 50,000+ lbs of Platen Force
  •   48" Stroke
  •   Designed for quick and easy self-install 
  •   Semi-Automatic Ejector System
  •   ETL Listed - Meets or exceeds ANSI & OSHA Standards
  •   Up to 900 lb bale weight of cardboard and 650 lbs Plastic Wrap
  •   And More.....


Small Plastic Grinders, Shredders and Granulators 



Small Plastic Grinder            Small Plastic Granulator Crusher           Small Plastic Granulator Crusher              


Highlights of the Small Plastic Grinders, Shredders and Granulators

  • Processing PET bottles (with ot without liquids) is easy with the small  grinders and granulators. Throughputs can range from around 75 lbs per  hour up to several hundred pounds per hour. They have very small footprints and operate on single phase so they can be conveniently placed in areas where the waste is being generated. And More.....


 Smart-Pack Automatic Compacting Receptacles - Rent for as little as 115 / month and  save $15 - $25 / day


Smart-Pack Automatic Compacting Receptacle

Highlights of the Smart-Pack Automatic Compacting Receptacles:

  • Big Labor savings - Save several man hours per day processing waste
  • Waste Hauling -Savings  Volume reduction can be up to 8 to 1
  • Cleanliness - The waste deposit door open automatically so spills around the trash bin are gretaly reduced.
  • Remote Monitoring - Monitor trash fullness and many other variables remotely.  

    Hundreds of exteriors to choose from (and also  custom exteriors).

    These Public Area Compactors are big hits in Quick Service locations, Airports, Malls, Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers and many other types of public locations.


Universal Bulb or Lamp Crushers / Compactor


Universal Bulb Crusher

Highlights of the Universal Bulb Crusher:

  • Big Labor savings - Save labor and storage by crushing rather than boxing the  lamps / bulbs.
  • Crush Staight, U-shaped, CFL's and HID's (up to 6" in diameter.
  • Safer work environment - Accidental breakage is always a problem  in the locations where bulbs / lamps are stored which causes emissions in those areas to become more and more concentrated.  Thus, the bulb crushers help keep workers safe and liability is reduced!
  • Cut costs - By pre-crushing the bulbs, facilities are able to save money on their bulb recycling costs. Savings are typically anywhere from a dime to $1 per bulb!


WasteCare.com is your source for Waste Monetization Alternatives, including commercial trash compactors, balers, recycling equipment, waste equipment, shredders, grinders, and other waste related products & services.

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