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Mini Baler Compactor


                        PWM-2825 - MINI BALER COMPACTOR


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The Mini-Baler Compactor is great for Plastic Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Cans, Cardboard and more and was designed to fit the needs of those who want a simpler baler that produces smaller, more manageable bales and easier equipment operation. It is basically a refrigerator size baler that operates nearly as simple as a utility room trash compactor (or commercial kitchen compactor). 

This Baler is especially useful for generating small, easy to handle bales of Plastic Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Cardboard, Cans and similar types of recyclable materials that are easier to compress.

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  • Easier to make a bale than traditional balers
  • Easy to Operate
  • No preliminary steps or preconditioning of the material
  • Ability to leave the platen down to increase compaction / density if heavier bales are desired
  • Smaller bale size produces tighter bales that are easier to handle
  • Hand Cart included for Bale removal
  • Able to tie the bales with plastic straps, twine or wire
  • Safety Standards - ETL or EC Listed

Mini-Baler Compactor - Main Bale of Plastic   Mini-Baler Compactor - Open


Bale weights for Shrink Wrap can be up to 80 - 90 lbs with a bale size that is (up to) 39" H x 27.5” W x 19.5” D


Mini-Baler Compactor General Information

  Bale Size   Up to 39" H x 27.5" W x 20" D
  Bale Weights:  Plastic Wrap   Up to 80 - 90 lbs
  Bale Weights:  Cardboard   Up to 165 lbs
  Bale Weights:  Paper   Up to 175 lbs
  Bale Weights:  Cans   Up to 60 lbs
  Compaction Force   7,000 Pounds
  Cycle Time   24 Seconds
  Noise Level   72 Decibels 
  Cylinder   2.5"  Bore - Stroke 27"
  Motor   2 HP
  Electrical Power   Single Phase 110v or Optional 220 v  15 amp


Mini-Baler Compactor Dimensions & Weight
  Loading / Feed Door   27.5 W X 27.5" H
  Overall Operating Height   91"
  Depth   29"
  Depth with doors open   67"
  Width   41"
  Width with doors open   67"
  Footprint (Depth with Door Open)   20 Square Ft (Does not include buffer)
  Actual Weight (Approx)   600 Pounds


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Performance may vary depending upon application.

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