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Regardless of whether customers are wanting to Purchase, Rent to Own or just rent Waste Equipment, Recycling Equipment or other products, WasteCare Corporation makes the entire process of product selection, ordering and implementation very simple and easy.  And, whether you are a first time, novice buyer of Waste and Recycling Equipment or very experienced, WasteCare is ready to handle your inquiry to meet your specific needs. Below are the basic steps.

1. Define Product (or Service), Need and Scope.

2. Evaluate Paybacks & Benefits.

3. Pinpoint desired Product, Features and Options, if any.

4. Receive a quote.

5. Clarify Quote Details, if necessary.

6. Clarify Shipping, Delivery and other Logistics Details.

7. If Rent to Own is preferred versus a purchase, just complete a Credit Application and Fax it to WasteCare. (Go to any page on our website and click on ‘Printable Application’ in the Border Box at the top of the page – When completed, Fax to WasteCare @  770-319-7777  770-319-7777 ) – Note: If a Straight Rental (3 – 5 Year Minimum) is desired, either call us @  888-200-4100  888-200-4100 or send an email to info@wastecare.com and someone will contact you right away.

8. Once the Order Details are confirmed and all of the correct contact information is gathered for the ‘Ship To’ location, WasteCare will provide a tentative ship schedule.

9. Just prior to Shipment, WasteCare will notify you with a reminder regarding electrical requirements, site prep and any other small details (as a means of helping to make sure everything goes smooth).

10. Approximately 24 hours before arrival, the driver calls the contact person at the ‘Ship To’ location to coordinate or advise of a delivery time frame.

We look forward to serving your Waste Processing and Recycling needs.     

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