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Standard & High Density 60" Cardboard Balers

60" standard and high density balers are commonly used to bale cardboard for recycling.  These balers produce a bale that is approximately 60" x 42" x 30", which is also known as a 'mill size bale'.  A mill size bale is recommended in order to sell recycled cardboard.  To determine what size of cardboard baler you need, you should determine how much cardboard your facility generates in tons (2000 lbs).  A mill size bale can range from 800 to over 1000 pounds.  This is the recommended weight of a mill size bale.  If you have a small space, there are smaller balers available.   

          60-1048 & 60-1548 BALERS 

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Cardboard Balers can:

  • Reduce waste disposal costs (since the cardboard is taken out of the waste stream) 
  • Reduce labor costs associated with flattening & handling of cardboard during disposal.
  • Generate revenues from the sale of the recycled cardboard.
  • Help with streamlining overall waste processing operations for better productivity
  • Help with the reduction of fire hazards  (due to temporary storage of cardboard)
  • Help improve workplace safety and neatness.

Information on Cardboard Recycling.

In addition to being a standard Cardboard Baler, it can also bale a variety of other materials including:

PET Plastic
Shrink Wrap
Steel and Aluminum Cans
Other materials such as ONP & Waste Paper

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For Cardboard Compactors review these selections (which include the Stationary Compactors)

Comparison Chart on 60" Vertical Balers

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  60-1048 Cardboard Baler


To View Detailed Specifications, Performance Information & Diagrams

 60-1548 High Density Cardboard Baler



Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.

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