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Extra Low Profile Multi-Purpose Vertical Baler

 Only 90 inches (7.5 ft) tall with bale weights up to 1,000 pounds


Extra Low Profile Multi-Purpose Baler 


                        XLP-4831 - Extra Low Profile Multi-Purpose Baler 


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For baler applications where ceiling heights are 8' and low noise is needed this baler is ideal and can generate bale weights of up to 1,000 pounds of plastic wrap, 775 pounds of cardboard, 360 lbs of PET and Aluminum Cans and up to 1200 lbs of clothes. 

Very versatile baler that produces dense bales of many different materials

Also has Automatic Ejection System so there is no need to go behind the machine (which can be placed up against the wall).   

Built-In Modem System for remote Diagnotics

See Bale Weight Data 

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Baler can be placed flush against the wall since bale removal and bale strapping can be performed from the front.

ULŪ & CULŪ Listed Control Panel. Meets and exceeds
ANSI Standards Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards

  Footprint of only 50 Square Feet (with the door open)
  Automatic Ejection System (so no need to go behind the machine and it can be placed agains the wall)
  Modem System that allows for remote diagnostics to reduce potential downtime

ull' Indicator Light

  Low Noise Level - Only 59 - 60 db 

  Simple, Straight-Forward Design

  Easy to Operate

  Very small ceiling height requirements

  Very low ceiling height requirements

  Very Easy to Install




Extra Low Profile Mini-Baler Baler General Information

Bale Size   48" W x 31" D x 39" H
Bale Weights:  Cardboard   Up to 600 to 775 lbs 
Bale Weights:  Plastic Wrap   Up to 775 - 1000 lbs 
Bale Weights:  PET     270 - 360 lbs 
Bale Weights:  Aluminum Cans      270 - 360 lbs 
Bale Weights:  Clothes      550 - 1200 lbs 
Pressing Force   Up to 66200 Pounds
Cycle Time   25 Seconds
Stroke   37"
Motor   5.5 HP - Three Phase
Electrical Power   208v; 230v; 460v


Extra Low Profile Mini-Baler Baler  Dimensions & Weight
Loading / Feed Door   43" W X 26" H
Feed Height   45"
Overall Operating Height   91"
Depth   50"
Depth (with door open)   98"
Width  (with door open)   74"   (69"  Door Closed)
Footprint (Depth with Door Open)   50 Square Ft (Does not include any buffer)
Actual Weight (Approx)   4000 Pounds
Options   Special Electrical




Extra Low Profile Multi-Purpose Baler 


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Performance may vary depending upon application.

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