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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

State Pollution Prevention Program

Center for Hazardous and Toxic Waste Studies
John R. Bradford, Director
Center for Hazardous and Toxic Waste Studies
Texas Tech University
P.O. Box 4679
Lubbock, TX 79409-3121


Texas Recycling Coalitions and/or Associations

Ben Walker
Recycling Coalition of TX
823 Congress Ave, Suite 1104
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 472-3276
; fax: 472-7026


RecycleTexas Online
E-mail: recycle@tnrcc.state.tx.us
Web site: www.tnrcc.state.tx.us/exec/sbea/rtol/
Services: A service of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. Contains information on about 1000 businesses and local governments handling materials from Texas. Organizations' information is self-reported and listings are free of charge.


Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste (RENEW)
TCEQ (MC-112)
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087
Contact: Sarah Slocum
Phone: 512 239-3171
Fax: 512 239-3165
E-mail: saslocum@TCEQ.state.tx.us
Web site: www.renewtx.org
Services: Biannual catalog lists materials available and wanted; serves Texas and surrounding states; lists are posted on the Internet.


XSMaterials.com, Inc.
3740 Colony Drive
San Antonio, TX 78230
Contact: Mark L. Johnson
Phone: 512 996-9849
Fax: 512 401-2610
E-mail: info@xsmaterials.com
Web site: www.xsmaterials.com
Services: Marketplace directory dedicated exclusively to excess materials, secondary commodities, surplus inventory, and other related services.



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