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                          PE-100 - HYDRAULIC / ELECTRIC PORTA-PACKER 

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Scalability is a major focus behind the design of this model. Start with one compacting station and add more as your needs grow. The sliding compactor head can easily be moved along the track from station to station as the requirements for trash and waste separation grows within your organization.  The moveable head glides with ease. Use your existing / onsite containers or our optional drum shaped latching containers on wheels (see below).

The PortaPack Trash Bin Ready Compactors are ideal for many applications.

The PortaPack Bin Ready Compactors are easy to use. Simply position the compactor head over a typical trash bin (96 gal) and you are ready to compact; all it takes is a push of a button.   If your organization is already using the standard 96 gallon trash containers or the 64 gallon containers you are one step away from plenty of savings. Compaction ratios (or reduction ratios) of up to 5 to 1 can be achieved depending upon trash profile.   


Designed for Flexibility

The system can be purchased for either front load (i.e. utilizing a front door on the side top of the unit) or top feed. The compaction system can be expanded to include additional modules or compaction bays so that the compaction head just simply slides down a track and compacts multiple trash bins as it is moved from bin to bin.


Waste Materials

Just like our other compactor models, these compactors can handle a variety of waste materials including Cardboard, Paper, Shrink Film, Plastic Bags, Paper Sacks, Plastic Straps, Food Cans & Paint Cans as well as Semi-Dry bagged waste or wet waste such as juice boxes.




  • The lightweight aluminium structure is very durable and strong.
  • Can be purchased for either top load or frond load.
  • Few parts means very easy to assemble and set-up


Easy Open (Latching) Container - When utilized, the latching system of this container allows customers to quickly and easily remove the compacted contents without having to empty the contents from the top.

Front Loading Module - The unit can be 'open top' fed (standard) or fed through a small door on the side near the top similar to a trash receptacle. 

Additional Module(s) - Expandable to include one compaction head that is designed to slide sideways in order to serve multiple modules or bins.

Note: Unless proper internal procedures are followed, and the user / company has proper controls in place, it is not recommended that hazardous wastes of any kind be compacted.



Power Electrical (1 Phase, 115V - 60 Hz)
Container Capacity

Roughly 95 Gallons or .5 Cubic Yards or about 13 cubic ft

Trash Volume

Roughly 2 - 2.5 Cubic Yards

Reduction Ratio Up to 5 to 1
Downward Pressure 3,300  lbs of force
Cylinder Size 2"
Stroke 24"



Height 75" - 93"
Depth 32"
Width As little as 38" Per Module 
Shipping Weight  Approx 300 lbs for single module

Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.

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