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4 , 6 & 8 Yard Front Load plus 6 Yard Rear Load Compactors with Custom Hoppers to suit every need





Outdoor Hopper Compactors


These Compactors can easily be adapted to be fed from a Dock so that they are fed from the Dock side and then tipped by the hauler from the opposite side. - This view is the Haulers view showing the Dirvers Light at the top which allows them to stay in the truck through the entire tipping process. The lights signal whether the container is latched or unlatched and in place.



Note: Our Preliminary Considerations Checklist for Outdoor Compactors may be helpful..

                         OHC-1X Series - OUTDOOR HOPPER COMPACTORS

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OHC-14F  -  4 Yard Front Load Hopper Compactor

OHC-16F  -  6 Yard Front Load Hopper Compactor

OHC-16R -  6 Yard Rear Load Hopper Compactor

OHC-18F  -  8 Yard Front Load Hopper Compactor

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The Outdoor Hopper Compactors are excellent for customers who want to bulk feed the smaller outdoor compactors that are tipped onsite by the waste hauler (versus the Roll-Offs that are hauled to the landfill or disposal site). The design of the Hopper can be adapted to the existing feeding mechanism being used by the customer, whether a cart tipper, forklift, tilting dumpers, manual feed or whatever.  Typical container sizes that can be used with these compactors is the 4, 6 & 8 Yard Front Load Containers and the 6 Yard Rear Load Containers. This selection of containers makes the compactor very versatile for many situations.The

Oftentimes these compactors can be implemented for big savings in place of either the large Roll-Off style compactors (i.e. Self Contained & Stationary) or multiple smaller dumpsters (6 yard & 8 yard) that are situated throughout the facility. The Outdoor Hopper Compactors are ideal for many different types of applications, spanning many different industries, especially those who are already bulk feeding the 4,6 or 8 Yard dumpsters in their everyday waste processing routines.

In addition, the Outdoor Hopper Compactors can be easily adapted for Through-the-wall applications where the compactor sits on the outside and it is fed through a wall from the inside.

The Outdoor Hopper Compactors are also designed with safety and user friendliness in mind.



  • UL Listed Power Panel
  • Meets ANSI Z245.2 standards
  • Custom and Extra Large Hopper Designs
  • Easy Release for Hauler tipping
  • Front Load pick-ups can be made in seconds and driver never has to leave their truck
  • Quick Latch system locks locks all three types of containers firmly in place so they remain under the compactor (Can't 'walk-out')
  • Quick Adjust door seals make it simple to keep the roll-off container liquid tight
  • Heavy Duty vinyl-coated cover prevents liquid or trash spills during loading and transporting of the roll-off container
  • Retainer Teeth keep trash from expanding out of the container when it is separated from the compactor
  • Automatic Latch & signal light systems tells Haulers when container is locked in place
  • Electrical Interlock for Operator Safety - (Will not operate when Loading Chamber is open and will stop if opened during operation)
  • Key Switch, Start & Stop Buttons (For Security Door has Key Lock)
  • All containers (Front Load Rear Load & Roll-Offs) Leak Proof to 36 inches deep
  • Full Light

(Other options may be available)

Optional Full Light and alarm indicate to the user when the container is full.

Oil Heater Kit

Opposite Side Door Hinge

Pressure Gauge
Odor Control System


Outdoor Hopper Compactor Specifications - OHC-800
 Charge Size    1 Cubic Yard
 Motor     HP TEFC 
 Electric Power   3 PH - 208 / 230 / 460 amp / 1PH  1HP 110/220
 Pump    5 GPM 2 Stage - (3 PH) or 3 GPM 1HP (1 PH) 
 Hydraulic Tank  / Fluid  13 Gallons / Dexron III ATF
 Cylinder Size (Two)  Two - 3" x 16" , 1.5" Rod  
 Packing Pressure    22,400 Normal / 25,800 Max PSI  
 Ram Face Pressure    14.4 Normal  / 16.6 Max PSI  
 System Pressure  2000 Normal / 2300 Max PSI
 Ram Penetration  10"
 Cycle Time   26 Seconds 3 HP -   34 Seconds  1 HP
 Clear Top Opening  28.5"  x   46.5"
 Loading Height  42 "
 Compactor (Only) Dimensions (inches) H: 95";  W: 80";  D: 42" 
 Compactor with Front Load 4 Yd Container H: 95";  W: 82;   L:   129" 
 Compactor with Front Load 6 Yd Container H: 95";  W: 82;   L:   146"  (Container Ht - 63")
 Compactor with Front Load 8 Yd Container H: 95";  W: 82;   L:   146"  (Container Ht - 87")
 Compactor with Rear Load 6 Yd Container H: 95";  W: 82;   L:   146"  (Container Ht - 63")
 Standard Color Gray
 Weight  (Compactor)   1,500 Lbs.
 Weight  (Containers)  4 Yd FL; 6 Yd & 8 Yd 1,200 lbs;  1,500 lbs;  1,700 lbs
 *Does not include the recommended buffer for normal operation and service.


Note: Dimensions do not include Hopper Extension due to variations that may be applicable

Note: Specifications, Dimensions & other product details may vary slightly upon delivery due to continuous product progressions and improvement. If exactness is required on any item(s), confirm in writing before ordering. In our efforts to provide products with the most up to date engineering and design, we reserve the right to change specifications, dimensions and other product details without notice.

Performance may vary depending upon application.

Products must be installed and operated according to required standards, codes, regulations and safety procedures.

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