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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

State Pollution Prevention Program

Waste Minimization Program
Sharon Kenneally-Baxter, Director
Waste Minimization Program
Virginia Department of Waste Management
Monroe Building, 11th Floor
101 N. 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23219
804-371 -8716


Virginia Recycling Coalitions and/or Associations

Debra Devine
Va Recycling Assoc.
c/o Div. of WM; Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(804) 430-2450
; Fax: 430-2851


Mid-Atlantic Consortium of Recycling and Economic Development Officials (MACREDO) Recycling Markets Directory Search
Web site: http://macredo.libertynet.org/database/index.html
Services: MACREDO's compilation of recycling facilities in the region presented in the form of a searchable database. Users can search the database for entries based on business name, location, commodity group, or facility type.


Waste Exchange Center of Southwest Virginia (ExCeS)
Radford University Environmental Management Assistance Program
P.O. Box 6953
Radford, VA 24142
Phone: 540 831-5453
Fax: 540 831-6735
E-mail: envirobiz@radford.edu
Web Site: http://btp.radford.edu/ba/emap.html
Services: An online materials exchange designed to facilitate the beneficial re-use of materials in Southwest Virginia. ExCeS is a free service, operated by Radford University's Business Assistance Center (BAC) and sponsored by the Virginia Environmental Endowment.


Waste Not Recycling
22611 Markey Court
Suite 103
Sterling, VA 20166
Contact: Jack Hope
Phone: 703 787-0200
Fax: 703 787-0660
E-mail: wastenot@aol.com



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