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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

State Pollution Prevention Program

Department of Environmental Resources
Meredith Hill
Assistant to Deputy Secretary
Office of Air and Waste Management
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
P.O. Box 2063
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063

Center for Hazardous Materials Research
Roger Price
Center for Hazardous Materials Research
University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center
320 William Pit Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PENNTAP)
Jack Gido, Director
Penn State University
110 Barbara Building II
810 North University Drive
University Park, PA 16802


Pennsylvania Recycling Coalitions and/or Associations

Pat Imperato
PA Resources Council
3606 Providence Rd
Newton Square
, PA 19073
(610) 353-1555
; Fax: 353-6257


Sandra L. Strauss-Moore
Public Recycling Officials of PA
R.D. 2, Box 165B
Kittaning, PA 16201
(412) 350-5862
; Fax: 471-1032



Building Materials Exchange (BME)
124 East Indiana Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Phone: 215 423-3613
Services: Philadelphia's nonprofit clearinghouse for surplus and salvage building materials helps needy homeowners rehabilitate, improve, and maintain their homes; makes local pickups free.


Mid-Atlantic Consortium of Recycling and Economic Development Officials (MACREDO) Recycling Markets Directory Search
Web site: http://macredo.libertynet.org/database/index.html
Services: MACREDO's compilation of recycling facilities in the region presented in the form of a searchable database. Users can search the database for entries based on business name, location, commodity group, or facility type.


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Recycling Markets Search
Web Site: www.dep.state.pa.us/wm_apps/recyclingmarkets
Services: Searchable database of recycling program information.


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
16th Floor, Rachel Carson State Office Building
PO Box 2063
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2063
Phone: 800 346-4242
Web Site: www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/deputate/airwaste/wm/
Services: Provides a listing of computer recyclers and reusers in Pennsylvania.



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